Juice Plus Supplement – Dr Nyjon Eccles

Approximately 85-90% of the UK population does not eat the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. I am always asked which supplements I would recommend for people to take and whether there is just one that would be adequate to make up for shortfalls in diet. In all my years of experience Juice Plus+® is probably the best single all round food supplement that I have come across. It is so simple in its base of 26 fruits, vegetables and berries but complex in its provision of hundreds, if not thousands, of phyto-chemicals (nutrients), which together have many benefits on general health. More importantly, Juice Plus+® is unique in having 28 published scientific trials showing that it is well absorbed into the blood stream (many supplements are not); that it significantly increases levels of protective substances called anti-oxidants in the blood stream, reduces markers of inflammation, contributes to circulatory health and significantly lowers blood homocysteine levels after 28 days (homocysteine is a marker of heart health). And if that wasn’t enough, many of my patients report how much better they feel after taking it.*

*Results may vary from person to person

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