Change Your Life with Natural Hormones That Won’t Compromise Your Health


Nicola Delglyn wasn’t feeling her best self. She was recovering from an injury, suffering from OCD, the list goes on. Nicola visited her GP on many occasions and requested that she be referred to have her hormone levels tested which had been repeatedly denied. She was however offered antidepressants, which she refused to take as she knew she was not depressed. She knew there had to be a better way than taking pharmaceutical drugs.

1. How did you come to hear about Dr Eccles and his work with hormonal imbalances?

I’d been impressed by Dr Eccles knowledge of women’s issues and listened to many of his lectures so I took the plunge and went to see him.

2. What was your experience with the appointment and the outcome?

During December I undertook lots of valuable blood tests/urine tests. I also had my breasts screened using a thermogram and attended two clinical consultations. I was spot on that my hormones were way out.

3. What did Dr Eccles prescribe?

I am now taking bioidentical hormones DHEA, testosterone and progesterone every day and I can’t believe how well I feel.

4.How did the treatment help your situation?*

I’ve still some way to go but I am beginning to sleep better, my energy levels are much better. I am relaxed enough that if a problem arises, I can think through it rationally and make a calm and relevant decision. I have also began to feel a difference in my body composition. I think I will need a little “tweak” of my prescription but the family can’t believe the change in me either, my relationship with the children and husband are so much better – finally I am getting back to who I used to be.*

5. Can you give some advice to women out there that may be suffering with similar issues?

To all my female friends out there DON’T SUFFER, take the opportunity of working with someone who understands what we have to go through and who is able to prescribe hormones that are bioidentical and not synthetic

Don’t suffer the same way Nicola did. Book in for your consultation with Dr Eccles on 0207 2244 622 or request an appointment online.

*Results may vary from person to person

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