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The Natural Doctor’s clinic on Harley Street, where he offers nutritional, hormonal and anti-ageing medicine
The quick read: An expert in nutritional, hormonal and anti-ageing medicine. Dr Nyjon Eccles has spent many years studying and researching natural and non-invasive ways to improve cellular health. His mission is to empower people to better health, mainly by testing people for things not routinely tested by their GPs and advising on supplementation. He set up The Natural Doctor at 69 Harley Street in 1998 to specialise in breast health and cancer support work, and he devises nutritional programmes for private clients all over the world suffering from conditions such as hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue and diabetes. You can have sessions with him at his clinic on Harley Street, or by Skype or telephone.

How was it for us: I first encountered Dr Eccles in a telephone consultation before embarking on a de-stress retreat at Verdura spa in Sicily – though he is an independent doctor, he advises the spa on their wellbeing programmes. ‘How are you?’ was his very first question, which he asked in a gentle voice. ‘Tired’, I said, not quite realising until then just how tired I really was. Years of travelling as a journalist and firing on all cylinders in my life in general had given me a certain feeling of tiredness that I couldn’t explain away anymore by a couple of restless nights sleep. But real help was at hand, for this wasn’t just a chat based on feelings – Dr Eccles had my real blood, saliva and urine test results in front of him on which to base his advice, from carefully devised DIY tests I’d done at home in Devon.

Dr Eccles explained that I was suffering from a low ratio of DHEA in my blood, the youth-giving, anti-ageing parent hormone that declines when we are stressed and as we get older, but that gives us hormone and adrenal support and helps regulate many of our other hormones (which is why it’s a supplement favoured by anti-ageing experts). Increasing my DHEA levels would support my adrenals and make me less tired, he said – and it was a relief to hear there was something practical I could do instead of wondering about why a good sleep the night before hadn’t already cured me of my tiredness.

Classified as a medicine in the UK, DHEA is only available on prescription, so I was slightly wary of it. But Dr Eccles reassured me that the only side effect was oily skin, that he himself had been taking it for years, and that it was available over the counter in the US. (He provides his own pharmaceutical grade supplements to his UK clients, but also suggested that Life Extension are his tried and trusted brand of choice).

It turned out I was also low in Vitamin D, Iodine and Omega 3 – typical, in fact, of most westerners. ‘If we all ate more like the Japanese, we’d be far more healthy’, said Dr Eccles. He advised me to eat more seaweed (particularly kelp) to increase my iodine levels, and to embark on a course of supplements to increase the levels of DHEA, Vitamin D and Omega 3 in my body.

I have gone on to have two more sets of blood tests, three months apart, and two more phone consultations with Dr Eccles, to check the levels each time, and my journey continues. The idea is that slowly, over time, I will change my physiology and take stress off my system. I’ve always found him to be friendly, kind, straight up and with a generous sense of humour. And I’ve also learnt some marvellously interesting things.

The Natural Doctor, Nyjon Eccles

The Natural Doctor, Nyjon Eccles

Over 70% of people in the western word are deficient in Vitamin D, for example, which is vital for immune and bone support and to protect the heart and nervous system – yet it’s not routinely tested by GPs. About 50% of Europeans are also deficient in iodine, mainly because of diet, and we’re also usually low in Omega 3 and should be taking at least 2.5g of it a day – more if we already have an existing inflammatory condition such as arthritis or bowel disorder.

What fascinates me most is that Dr Eccles is doing what I think my GP should be doing anyway – checking, on a cellular level, how my body really is, routinely measuring physiological imbalances and correcting these imbalances to reduce my risk of ill health and today’s degenerative diseases. I live in hope.

More on Dr Eccles: Nyjon has an excellent reputation for his practice of evidence-based Complementary Medicine, and is one of the leading Integrated Medicine Physicians in the UK – he is acknowledged in “Who’s Who” in Medicine & Healthcare, 2011-2012, for outstanding contributions in the Medical field, and received a Medical Science Award of Excellence 2011 for Natural Medicine Research. He is also pioneering the introduction to the UK of Medical Infrared BreastThermal Imaging, for very early non-invasive detection of breast cancer and screening of musculoskeletal disorders.

What’s queenly: Dr Eccles is an advisor for some health retreats – including the wellbeing programmes run by Verdura spa in Sicily and the healing programmes on offer at Amchara detox retreat in Somerset.

What’s lowly: If you’re doing blood tests at home, you might need some patience – there’s something excruciating about pricking your own finger and dropping your blood onto a piece of card.

Prices: Introductory consultations cost £250, either in person, by telephone or via Skype. Follow ups are £200 at the clinic or £150 via tel/Skype.

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  1. Teresa Maria Liversage

    Hi I have had routine blood tests at gp surgery awaiting results. I’ve been told over the phone that they are normal vitamin d deffiency is needing a retest in 3 months. I have fatigue pain in my hips knees etc more lower body. I’m 55 years old female. I currently keep getting persist throats problems every 5-6 days following a cough. I also have spinal L5 problems since a car accident two years ago. I also have a swollen lympth node in my right groin. I recently have been diagnosed with maigrane to which I have not suffered with before. This body is not my own…

    • Teresa Maria Liversage

      Ooo also I have been taking juice plus capsules for 10 weeks now.
      I’m not running around but I am managing swimming 3x a week. I have gained weight normally 12stone 10lb but now 14stone 4lbs.

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