The Natural Doctor launches new website highlighting health empowerment focus

Dr Nyjon Eccles

Dr.-Nyjon-Eccles-225x300Dr. Nyjon Eccles, a leading Integrated Medicine physician and Founder of The Natural Doctor in London UK, today announces the launch of the new website, to promote “health empowerment” for all patients.

Dr. Eccles’ philosophy is rooted in using early-detection tools, specialized and natural treatments to prevent disease and promote wellness.

The new website has been completely redesigned to emphasise this approach, with an enhanced user-experience, extensive health information and additional patient resources. A special section highlights the early detection and prevention of Heart Disease with the newly available PULS Cardiac Test. Dr. Eccles uses the PULS Cardiac Test as an advanced, non-invasive tool to determine a patient’s risk of a Heart Attack, particularly when there may otherwise be no signs or symptoms, to allow for optimal prevention strategies.

“With it’s new design and updates, supports our mission to enhance well-being’ by providing important health information that is easily accessible,” said Dr. Eccles. “We are pleased this new tool helps patients get on the path toward empowered health.”

The Natural Doctor is located in the heart of London, UK and provides comprehensive services in wellness, better ageing, cardiac disease and cancer prevention, and breast health. For more information, visit or email

About The Natural Doctor (TND)

TND was formed by Dr. Nyjon Eccles and provides services in Wellness, Better Aging, Cardiac Disease and Cancer Prevention, and Breast Health. This is accomplished by the use of early detection diagnostic tools and the use of natural molecules; both nutritional and hormones. Dr. Eccles has co-developed a state-of-the-art computer-assisted Breast Thermography system to aid in early breast cancer detection. A key part of TND philosophy is early detection in general and natural corrective measures to prevent disease. Dr. Eccles has already achieved promising results in changing breast health risk with the use of an early detection advantage. He is well recognised in the UK as one of the leading Integrated Medicine Physicians and for his pro-activeness in Health Education, Preventative Medicine and Health Empowerment. He lectures regularly in the UK and abroad on Preventative Medicine.

TND’s mission is to be instrumental in preventing and reversing disease, through continuous education, early detection and to provide alternative non-invasive natural affordable treatments.

About the PULS Cardiac TestTM

The PULS Cardiac Test, developed by GD Biosciences, is a simple blood test that identifies individuals with active, yet undetected subclinical Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), who are at risk of experiencing a Heart Attack, and for whom early intervention can help. The test measures protein biomarkers of the body’s immune response to arterial injury leading to the formation and progression unstable cardiac lesions – the #1 cause of Heart Attacks.

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