Natural Supplements help Cancer patient to recover after Chemotherapy Treatment

Pink awareness ribbon against patient explaining her painful to doctorAfter Emy had a cancer diagnosis and decided to go through with Chemotherapy, Dr Eccles was introduced in aid of supporting her immune system through the life changing experience.

How did you come to hear about Dr Eccles and his work with wellness and cancer support?

A very good friend of mine was a mutual colleague of Dr. Eccles who said I should contact him.

What was your experience with the appointment and the outcome?

Dr Eccles prescribed a mixture of natural supplements that would help support my immune system whilst I was going through chemotherapy.

What did Dr Eccles prescribe?

Dr Eccles’ gave me some powder supplements to help my situation but I couldn’t drink it due to the taste. His staff then sent me the capsule version to take.

How did the treatment help your situation?*

My tumour disappeared after 7 months.*

Can you give some advice to anyone out there that may be in the same position as you were?

I highly recommend Dr. Eccles’ natural supplements to help keep the body as healthy as possible, especially when abnormal cells can take a toll on the body. I opted for chemotherapy with the support of the Dr Eccles’ supplements that kept me going, even when I had no appetite. I think it’s wonderful that Dr. Eccles was able to help me through my cancer journey with natural alternatives for chemotherapy recovery. I feel very blessed that I was given this opportunity that helped my recovery from cancer.

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