“I would choose thermographic scans each time. If there is a radiation-free option, then that is the one I prefer. “


1. How did you come to hear about Thermographic breast scans?

This was something I heard about first while living in Italy where it was available in a clinic close to where I lived. As a procedure that did not involve radiation, it was the best option for me.

2. What was your experience with Dr.Eccles?


3. How do you feel about mammograms vs Thermographic breast scan?

I would choose thermographic scans each time. If there is a radiation-free option, then that is the one I prefer.

4. How did the treatment help your situation? (mention any supplements you may have been taking).*

I have been taking nutricell plus, anti-inflammatories (three times a week) and trying to increase my cruciferous vegetable intake. All of these have contributed to an improved TH rating for me.*

5. Can you recommend Dr.Eccles for breast scanning to your friends and family?


6. What’s one point of advice you could give to people who haven’t yet had a breast scan?

Don’t wait any longer to have a scan. Prophylactic intervention is the best way to prevent this disease.

*Results may vary from person to person

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  1. Pauline Kennedy

    I have already had a mammoplasty and alnd 4/21 grade 1 breast cancer 2cm – radiotherapy but chemotherapy not required as early stage. This was in January 2016 – I am due a mammogram shortly July/August but because of breast pain, they have said it’s the radiotherapy, I do not want the added pressure on my sore tender breast, also the added radiation. I have mentioned the thermography to them, but they said they do not recommend it under N.I.C.E guidelines, saying thermography cannot distinguish between scar tissue and reoccurrence and that if that is the case, I would end up having a mammogram (which I really do not want) anyway! Please could you advise me? My surgical oncologist said my prognosis is good, and after my op I had not radioactive and CT Scans all clear, she said, there is no further cause for concern (she achieved clear margins as well) but I still cannot go ahead with a mammogram, I think the compression is too much Thank yiu

    • Marian

      I would most definitely have a thermography scan as in my opinion its safe, detailed and shows cell changes at a much early stage then Mamagram !
      Remember diet and food supplements are key.
      Good luck.

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