The age old problem of eternal youth, By Dr Eccles

In all things in life, there’s a point where the healthy pursuit of something can, if left unchecked, be in danger of boiling over into outright obsession or addiction. It’s true of everything from love and work to hobbies and sport – and it’s especially true when it comes to the perceptions we have of ourselves.

Our daily lives are bombarded with images of how we ought to look and dress, speak and behave. Adverts filled with beautiful people seduce us into buying clothes, cosmetics, hair dye, cars, holidays, razors, fragrances, alcohol, soaps and toothpaste, furniture and food in the belief that our consumption of those products will miraculously transform us into the people we see gazing at us from a TV screen or billboard poster.

Often, the products that are promoted by images of older, overweight or out of shape people are those designed to turn us into younger, thinner and fitter people.

Large parts of what might be described as the industry for the pursuit of eternal youth are powered by the psychology of selling a miracle. Toothpaste that will instantly turn your teeth a brilliant shade of white; hair dye and shampoos that will not only conceal those flashes of grey but also thicken your hair to a lustre you’ve not witnessed in thirty years or more; laser eye surgery that will transform your blurry outlook on life into the sort of high definition focus a sparrow hawk would envy. The list is endless.

And then there’s the matter of cosmetic surgery. And this is where things get altogether riskier.

For many people, the daily reality check that the bathroom mirror brings can be unforgiving and it’s natural and far from surprising that there are a lot of people who feel their confidence and self-esteem would benefit if their skin was just a bit tighter, the creases less obviously pronounced, the appearance more healthy.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the youngest, healthiest appearance possible. Just as most of us would not generally choose to venture out in clothes that had seen better days, neither would we ignore the opportunity to make the very most of our appearance if we had the chance.

The problem is that in many cases, the road to improving skin texture and elasticity seems to lead to the door of a cosmetic surgeon and a range of treatments that include injections and surgery. And that road carries with it risks – so much so, that health experts in the UK are calling for tighter regulations around invasive cosmetic treatments.

And for those who want to achieve healthier and younger-looking skin without invasive treatment, the over the counter products available on the high street or online often lead to better looking skin by nothing more than rehydration. “There are natural molecules that the body produces that make no mistake, produce a real and tangible collagen-building anti-ageing effect on the skin. Unlike the leading anti-ageing method which creates the appearance of less wrinkles by relaxing the muscles; paralysing the nerves that supply them”.

The reality is that natural treatments that will rejuvenate the health and appearance of your skin but which require no injections of botox or dermal fillers can be extremely effective without putting your overall health on the line.

Here at The Natural Doctor, I’ve developed a non-toxic, non-chemical, non-surgical Natural Face Rejuvenation programme that uses a unique combination of light therapy and bespoke cream formulas to achieve younger-looking skin.

BioJeune™ Original Face Cream is filled with natural bioactive ingredients designed to nourish, protect and rehydrate the skin and can even be used by younger people to look after their skin where active rejuvenation is not required.

The Natural Face Rejuvenation program also includes a home CollaLift™ mask to rejuvenate the skin, and whilst BioJeune™ cream can be purchased on its own, I recommend the combined program to get maximum effects.

All BioJeune™ creams are compounded by our specialist pharmacist to be of the highest quality and to allow optimal penetration into the skin.

Click here to find out more about BioJeune™ and our other anti-ageing products.


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