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About Dr. Nyjon Eccles

Dr Eccles is one of the leading Integrated Medicine Physicians in the UK and has a reputation for his expertise in natural medicine and anti-ageing. He has a BSc (Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology), MBBS (Medical degree), MRCP (Member of the Royal College of Physicians),  PhD (Doctorate in Pharmacology/Medicine) and has a passion in providing integrated medicine to women and men in his Harley Street Clinic in Central London. As well as a Breast Thermography Specialist, Dr Eccles also specialises in natural Anti Ageing treatments for women and men, Natural Menopause treatment, Natural Bio Hormone Replacement and Natural Cardiac Health.

Dr Eccles is pioneering the use of Breast Thermograms in the UK for early non-invasive detection of breast cancer and screening of musculoskeletal disorders. He states, “Earlier detection in younger women by Thermography gives us an unprecedented opportunity to stem the tide of increasing breast cancer occurrence. Thermal abnormalities indicative of increased risk can then be reversed by the correct attention to lifestyle and key nutritional supplementation.”

In an attempt to help people to alter their disease risks, Dr Eccles lectures regularly on topics such as “Natural Cancer Support”, “Food as Medicine”, “Breast Health and Nutrition”, “Prostate Health and Nutrition”, “Clinical Thermography” and “Natural Anti-Ageing”.

Dr Eccles is also acknowledged in “Who’s Who” in the World, since 2010 and “Who’s Who” in Medicine & Healthcare, 2011-2012 for outstanding contributions in the Medical field.

Learn more about the services, Dr Eccles provides at his Harley Street clinic or read his patient testimonials or health articles on the blog.

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