The Natural Doctor Clinic


Initial breast thermography and consultation (up to 90 min) £399

Breast thermography scan (up to 30 mins) £245

Breast health consultation (up to 45 mins) £190

Breast health consultation – Skype/Telephone (up to 45 mins) £190

Breast Nutricheck (home test kit) £425


Initial consultation (45-60 min) £195

Follow-up consultation (up to 45 mins) £195

*Any cancer support consultation booked outside cancer support clinic dates are charged £225


Initial Consultation (45-60 min) £345

Initial Consultation – Skype/Telephone (45-60 min) £345

Follow-up Consultation (up to 45 min) £225

Follow-up Consultation – Skype/Telephone (up to 45 min) £225

Hormone tests (£309- £509)*

*Please note that tests are handpicked for each patients, therefore prices of tests may vary according to symptoms.

BioGro Hair Restoration Clinic

Initial BioGro Hair Restoration Consultation (up to 30 mins) £120

Follow up BioGro Consultation (up to 30 mins) £120

BioGro program 1 month supply starting from £225.00


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