BIOGROHAIR® A novel innovation in non-surgical hair restoration


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Biogrohair®: RESULTS on women

JL Age 52 (capsules only) I noticed my hair thinning on the top and having taken a six month course of BHG from Dr Eccles it appears to have stopped and the started to become thicker again. I now use the maintenance dose which appears to prevent the hair loss repeating. Thank you Dr Eccles, I have quite a good head of hair so was a little apprehensive when it started to go!

LH Age 47 (capsules only),  I have seen such amazing results, I have friends who are going to call you also. I’ve noticed hair growth all over but it’s a small price to pay for thicker shinier hair. The hair growth was so significant that I had to cur back to just a maintenance dose of 2 to 3 times a week.

EK, Age 53. I was very sceptical at first as I have tried many things for helping with my thinning hair but without success. After 3 months of using BGH I am pleasantly surprised by the results. I have thicker hair again and the thinning areas around the temples are also growing back. I am so thankful to no longer have anxiety over my hair.

BioGroHair® Lash & Brow Is being tested currently with good results

Lash@browR.M, Age 31. Anyone who was a teen in the 90’s / early 2000s can relate to the stick-thin eyebrow trend that had us all tweezing like crazy. Unfortunately, now big brows are actually popular and frustratingly I’m left with naturally patchy and very thin eyebrows where the over-plucked hair won’t grow back.

After just a couple of weeks of using BGH lash & Brow on my eyebrows (almost daily but not too strictly) I started to actually notice a difference in that they were starting to fill out.

I have naturally light hair, so I have my eyebrows tinted by a beautician regularly to at least give them some sort of definition. After around 4 weeks of using the product, I went for my usual tint and my beautician even mentioned how much thicker they were looking and asked what I’ve been doing.

I’m now 6 weeks in and recently have only been using the product probably 2-3 times a week, but they still seem to be improving. I’m planning to be stricter with my routine and use it every day again, and I can’t wait to see the results!

Biogrohair®: LASH @ BROW RESULTS

M.R., 38. I started plucking my eyebrows at the age of 13, it was fashionable to have pencil thin eyebrows then! Over the years my eyebrow hair stopped growing which was very frustrating as I wanted thicker brows. I started using BGH for lash and eyebrows and was amazed to see my hair starting to grow again after literally 15 years!! I’ve been able to grow thicker brows again which is great. Only downside is I forgot how painful plucking was!

Z.P., 28. I’ve been using BioGroHair Lash & Brow for about 2 months and I could see my eyebrows finally getting thicker. They definitely improved just need to remember to use the product every day! Thank you!

LR., 28.  I’ve only been using the product for 3 weeks thus far, applying it in the evening only and I’m already delighted with the results. I have quite a big gap at one end of my eyebrow (toward the T-zone area) and with only an application of  once daily for 3 weeks, these gaps are filling fast! I’ve also applied it to other parts of the eyebrow to add more volume and by then achieving a ‘fuller’ look.