Every year in the UK, 54,000 women – 1 in 9 of the adult population – receive a diagnosis of breast cancer, and the number is rising. Taking all possible steps to safeguarding breast health has never been more important.

The problem is that the NHS offers very few options when it comes to being proactive in this regard. Other than offering advice on self-examination and opening up mammography screening to women between the ages of 47 and 73, it’s left to women to seek help only when a problem becomes evident.

At The Natural Doctor, we believe in enabling women to take a much more dynamic and active role in monitoring all areas of their health. But we take a particular interest in breast health and breast cancer prevention.

We believe breast health protection begins early – so we offer breast health consultations that use a pioneering approach to assessment that is modern, safe, non-invasive and effective.

What does a Breast Health Consultation involve?

Our breast health consultations are designed to be a comprehensive assessment that will help to identify lifestyle or physiological imbalances that could be causing problems now or may do in the future.
Once we’ve established a clear picture of your breast health and identified any potential risks or problems, we can then recommend steps that you can take to ensure that as far as possible you’re able to be in control of your breast health in the future.

Our consultations will involve:

  • A consultation to establish your current lifestyle, diet, any past or breast health history, medical history and any specific concerns you might have;
  • Detailed advice on self-care steps you can take to improve diet and lifestyle, including recommendations on natural supplements that can boost and protect breast health on an ongoing basis

You may be advised to do a Breast NutriCheck – a breast health protection panel of key home tests that will identify any nutritional imbalances that contribute to breast health.

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What are the benefits of Breast Health Consultation

  • Early detection of possible risk is clearly an invaluable first step in prevention of future breast health conditions, including breast cancer.
  • Thermocheck® Breast Thermography, which is non-contact and uses state-of-the-art infrared thermal imaging technology, can detect possible cancer risk up to 10 years before any structural change can be picked up by a mammogram.
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  • Breast NutriCheck arms you with knowledge about your breast health that can help to inform the decisions you take regarding your lifestyle.
  • Advice of Dr Nyjon Eccles, a leading and experienced expert in natural breast health. He will give you the practical knowledge and insight that will help you to continue to safeguard your breast health between consultations.

All consultations with Dr Eccles are virtual

Your Breast Health Consultation can take up to 45 minutes with Dr Nyjon Eccles.

We believe all adult women would benefit from regular breast health consultations. It is never too early to start looking after your breasts.

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