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Regular Breast Screening Programme / Thermography For Breast Screening

At The Natural Doctor®, given the incidence of breast cancer nowadays in younger women, we recommend a regular annual (private) Breast Screening Programme with thermal infrared imaging, (Thermography For Breast Screening ) much like a regular dental check-up, for women of all ages from 20 onwards.

Private Breast Screening & Monitoring Without Radiation

  • 100% safe, radiation free, non-contact and painless.
  • Very early detection of cancer risk (up to 10 years earlier than mammography).
  • It is unique in its capacity to visually record physiological problems and metabolic processes.
  • Cancers are associated with increased temperature and abnormal blood vessel patterns, both detected on Medical Infrared Scans (we call them thermal scans). Furthermore, a single cold challenge can help to identify abnormal blood vessels.
  • 90% sensitivity. This means that where there is an increased risk, medical infrared scanning will correctly identify this in 90% of cases (one third of mammograms give false readings).

Thermography Breast Screening (Thermal Scans) can be repeated as often as you like with no risk or radiation and are therefore very suited for regular and frequent Breast Screening (post-surgery or during treatment) or in cases where a patient might be unwilling to proceed with surgery (DCIS)

Breast Thermal Imaging Specialists

Breast Health Take Home Kit

Dr. Eccles has put together a panel of vital tests that helps women to identify imbalances that may have a direct effect on breast health and breast cancer risk. These are comprised of the following blood spot and urine tests that can be conveniently done from your own home:

• Silent Inflammation Profile (Omega 6 and 3 fatty acid levels)
• Oestrogen Metabolism Test (urine)
• Iodine levels (urine)
• Vitamin D levels

By having these 4 tests a woman can empower herself to a position of awareness of any imbalances or deficiencies that may be contributing to increased risk and more importantly be in a position to reduce her risk of breast health compromise by correcting them.
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