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Breast health isn’t just about breast cancer, By Dr. Eccles

Breast Health Isnt Just About Breast Cancer

As a society we have become conditioned to focusing on breast cancer when we think about breast health in women.

In many ways, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Diagnoses of breast cancers are rising rather than falling and whatever we can usefully do to try to reverse that trend must obviously be a good thing.

But there is a risk that in all the noise being made about cancer by charities, GPs, oncologists and the Government we lose sight of the fact that there are other conditions of nutritional deficiency that seem to adversely affect breast health and which can themselves cause chronic suffering if not properly treated.

Monitoring of breast health empowers a woman to make lifestyle changes that can reverse declining tissue health.

Whilst mammography is currently the only cancer screening tool made available to women – and even then, due to breast tissue density, only to those aged 40+ – there are other checks available privately that can give an overview not just of potential cancer risk, but also more generalised breast health.

Among these is breast thermography, which is something we offer here at The Natural Doctor®. The technology is non-invasive – meaning there is no physical contact with or invasion of the breast – and uses heat-mapping to identify any abnormal changes in breast tissue temperature.

These changes are indicators of a potential underlying problem with breast health, but because the thermography is able to spot changes at the earliest possible moment, what it also offers is a very real possibility of being able to reverse those abnormalities before they develop into something more serious.

Changes in breast tissue temperature can also be indicators of cancer risk, but those changes can occur up to ten years before a tumour is large enough to be identified by a mammogram, and so the benefits of ThermoCheck®, the specific system we use at The Natural Doctor®, also include a super-early warning about risk, whereas a mammogram can only confirm that you already have the disease – or not.

The opportunity to routinely monitor breast health in this way is not something currently offered by the NHS, though I have been arguing for a very long time that it should be, and so private clinics like ours represent the only way that women who want to stay on top of their general breast health are able to keep a close eye on things and have the opportunity to take action early when things deteriorate.

Cancer is naturally a primary concern for the NHS and Government because of the high numbers of people who are affected by the disease (55,000 at the last estimate) and the cost to the treasury of treating it – currently estimated to be around £10bn annually.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of ThermoCheck® breast thermography or would like to talk about any concerns you have regarding your breast health, please get in touch. Our consultations and inquiries are treated in complete confidence.


For more information about mammography and the other options available for monitoring breast health and cancer risk, you can watch my video and subscribe to our You Tube channel to stay up to date with the latest news in natural medicine.

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