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Let’s talk about breast health, By Dr. Eccles

Let’s talk about breast health

Over the next month, the media will be buzzing with articles, features, interviews and news about breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – and the call to ‘Think Pink’ is now firmly established in the country’s collective psyche.

That’s obviously a good thing – the more we talk about the disease, and particularly about prevention, the better informed we should be about the options we have.

The problem is that much of the conversation this month will revolve around diagnosis through mammography and the NHS treatment that’s available post-diagnosis, rather than trying to better inform women about how they can improve and then monitor their breast health on an ongoing basis.

So, I want to take this opportunity to invite every woman who’s interested in taking control of their own breast health to an event being held later this month at which I will arm you with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about how you can  safeguard your breast health.

My talk How To Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk is being held on Friday October 19 at the Marylebone Hotel in London. Ticket details are included at the end of this article.

We live in a world where the clinical, medical and charitable communities seem reluctant, for reasons I cannot begin to fathom, to educate women about how they might protect themselves against preventable conditions that manifest in the breast.

They refuse, despite repeated calls otherwise, to be transparent about the preventative and screening tools that are available outside the NHS and which can be used alongside ‘conventional’ care to great benefit.

I could spend a lot of space here rehashing evidence-based opinion about traditional strategies relating to breast cancer, but more important is the fact that breast cancer is, ultimately, the end game, not the starting point.

At the point when mammography makes a positive diagnosis of cancer, you’ve already got a major problem. Cancer prevention doesn’t start with mammography, it ends with it.

Cancer prevention starts with better breast health. And, in turn, that starts with open access for all women of all ages to appropriate screening technology.

If we took the same preventative approach to breast health that we take to dentistry and encouraged women to undergo safe, non-invasive screening from an early age – say 20 years and up – we wouldn’t just end up with a reduction in breast cancer, we’d end up with a reduction in the diagnoses of all breast conditions.

The technology to achieve this already exists – we use it here at The Natural Doctor®. ThermoCheck® measures changes to normal breast tissue temperature to identify risks. It’s so accurate that it can identify the risk of breast cancer up to ten years before a mammogram would be able to identify a tumour.

Being able to identify risk also allows us to manage risk effectively and to then reverse the abnormalities. Here at The Natural Doctor® we have evidence that abnormal scans can be normalised with the right aftercare – either through changes in lifestyle choices, complementary nutritional treatments such as Dr E Nutri Plus, or a combination of the two.

My talk on the 19th will share all of that evidence – and more – with you and allow you to come to your own conclusions about whether you want to wait until you’re 40 for an annual mammogram to tell you that you’re clear of cancer – or not (assuming it’s accurate in the first place, which it isn’t in 40% of cases).

We’re doing our best to change the game in breast cancer risk – this is your chance to change the game for yourself.

Dr Nyjon Eccles talk How To Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk takes place at the Marylebone Hotel from 6.30pm on Friday October 19. You can book your tickets by visiting or directly at

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