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Say yes to life, By Dr. Eccles

Yes To Life LogoIf you follow my blogs, you’ll know that one of the primary issues I have with the dismissive attitude to natural medicine of some sectors of the cancer treatment industry is that it actively and, I think, purposely denies people the opportunity to make an informed choice.

As I highlighted in my last blog, for example, there are is a high number of women who are completely unaware of the possibilities that breast thermography provides, not only for early detection of breast cancers, but also for disease prevention through bespoke nutritional intervention.

Our ThermoCheck breast thermography screening uses computer-assisted thermal imaging to detect abnormal tissue temperature in the breast, which is a sign of poor general breast health and can be an early indicator of cancer. It’s benefits are well-evidenced, it’s suitable for women of all ages, which isn’t the case for mammography, and it offers a wider diagnostic opportunity than for cancer alone.

More than that, it’s up to 95% accurate and can detect cancer risk up to ten years before a mammogram will pick up the presence of a tumour.

So, we’re delighted to be able to announce today that we have this month begun working with the charity Yes to Life, which works to empower cancer patients to make informed choices about their options for cancer care.

It’s an exciting partnership for us, because Yes to Life so closely reflects the way The Natural Doctor® approaches care – especially in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Yes to Life was established more than ten years ago and provides evidence-based information to people with cancer and their families. It also provides financial assistance for those people who can’t afford it to access treatments that aren’t available on, or provided by, the NHS.

As I have stated, often and loudly, the only currency the conventional cancer industry deals in is evidence based on clinical trials. That means it ignores treatments that are also evidence-based, but which haven’t been trialled within the very specific parameters of the laboratory or a clinical trial.

Establishing a partnership with Yes to Life represents a clear statement that I am determined to ensure that women of all ages, healthy or otherwise, are given the opportunity to make the choices that the establishment seems so reluctant to give to them.

It is the only recognised charity to actively promote tools like thermography and put them within the reach of people who might wish to consider them as an additional method of managing their health.

Yes to Life was inspired by the story of Bryony Daly who, between the age of nine and her death, aged 23 suffered multiple cancers, amputations and a battery of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.  These would test the emotional and physical reserves of any human but she reached the end of the line in terms of what the NHS was able to offer her.

In truth, and though treatments available through conventional cancer care are constantly developing and evolving, the incremental scope of the impact on patients hasn’t changed. NHS-funded treatment continues to remain relatively limited, some treatments continue to be withheld due to cost and people continue to die.

No-one is suggesting for a moment that alternative treatments would always save a life the NHS couldn’t save. But there is a strong argument to say that people have a right to find that out for themselves. Yes to Life helps to offer that chance, regardless of financial means, which is why we’re proud to be working in partnership with them.

You can find out more about the charity, how it works and the people they have helped, by visiting their website.

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