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Why I am excited about the Immu7 Onco Support program, By Dr. Eccles

By Dr Nyjon K Eccles BSc MBBS MRCP PhD

The battle against cancer is not being won with the best of conventional medicine. Peer review studies show that the best Cancer centers are only achieving 2-3% 5-year cancer remission of solid tumours using chemotherapy.

Apart from the lack of efficacy in achieving remission we must also factor in the quality of life of the patient from side effects – at what cost to patients are we achieving any level of significant remission?

Integrated cancer support has been a special interest of mine for the past 20 years. It has been driven by a deep desire to do better than the status quo. During this time I have made several key observations in relation to cancers that seem vital to successful treatment with minimal side effects and which now feature in the Immu7 program:

  1. Several doctors, myself included, have achieved more significant remissions (in some cases 70% or more) of cancers by focussing treatment on repair of damaged mitochondria; the latter seem to be a feature of most cancers. Moreover, these therapies are usually non-toxic.
  2. I have noted that there seem to be several key natural molecules that not only have the ability to turn off cancer cells (i.e. they induce apoptosis) but that play a role in cell differentiation – i.e. keeping cells behaving normally.
  3. Our innate Immune system, when fully competent, has the ability to destroy cancers, but often when a cancer exists it is the case that the immune system is weak and compromised. Published science has shown that there are effective natural ways, through specific food supplements, of boosting immune system function. The Immu7 program employs these supplements to boost immune function and the activity of clever immune dendritic cells that activate cytotoxic T cells to be more effective in their duty as elite cancer killers.
  4. Local and whole body hyperthermia seems to make cancer cells more vulnerable to other cytotoxic therapy.
  5. All of the above are non-toxic modalities and tolerated well by patients with very few, if any, side effects.

Dendritic cell therapy (DCT) is an exciting development in immune cancer therapy. As stated above the elite forces of our immune system are often not activated sufficiently in cancer. By taking blood from a patient with cancer, the dendritic cells can be separated, cultivated and primed in-vitro i.e. trained to recognise the cancer cells more effectively by exposing them to the cancer antigens. When they are then re-introduced into the body they seek out cytotoxic T cells briefing them of the enemy within and initiating an all out attack by these elite cancer-killing T cells. This advanced immune therapy is usually expensive but Immucura is making this available to patients at a fraction of the usual cost. Furthermore, it has been shown that two of the 5 methods listed above, specifically enhance dendritic cell activity. This would be akin to taking the best of elite special forces from several different armies and setting them against the same enemy.

So, why am I so excited about the Immu7 Onco Support program? Firstly, because it brings together some of the most effective non-toxic cancer therapies known into one program. Second, Immucura do this at a cost less than it would normally cost for DCT alone. Third, I am excited that the Immu7 program, currently offered from the Spain and Gibraltar, is a Medical program run by doctors and support health professionals that includes full monitoring of progress by blood tests and scans.

Lastly, I believe that the Immu7 program is truly going to make a radical difference to the poor outcomes that we see with current oncological treatments. I am fully expecting to see more dramatic results over the next few months as the full integrated program gets underway.

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