Natural Fertility Treatment at The Natural Doctor

Natural fertility treatment at The Natural Doctor

Although there are many drug treatments for infertility, we at The Natural Doctor use a non-drug approach. This may involve use of natural hormones (after blood test assessment), nutritional supplements to optimise nutrition in conjunction with acupuncture from an expert in the field, Chinese medicine specialist Dapeng Zhang.

Infertility seems to be affecting more couples than ever, as one in six now have difficulty in conceiving. Awareness of IVF treatment within the consciousness of the public makes it seem to be the first and most obvious choice for most since the term IVF seems to be almost synonymous with infertility. However, there are good reasons held by many practitioners in both mainstream and holistic (we included) medicine to question whether this should always be the case.  We are all aware that would be parents who are often demoralized by enduring repeated invasive medical procedures especially if the long hoped for result is never achieved.

Happily, a quiet revolution in thinking about conception is taking place. Certain Holistic approaches have been used to such good effect that the media and wise couples are increasingly, looking at, or being referred to, experts (i.e those having substantial professional experience and post graduate training). This includes areas such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and acupuncture where success rates and waiting lists are growing amongst these particular professionals. When this is combined with optimisation of hormones and nutritional guidance, a key approach used at The Natural Doctor, we have a platform for even greater success rates.

While IVF can sometimes create new life, its limitations are such that it does nothing to address the actual causes of inability to conceive. Much infertility is ‘unexplained’ which means that, without addressing or resolving the issues that lie beneath, IVF is less likely to be successful. These underlying factors include: hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, unidentified health conditions, toxin exposure, stress, food intolerances, allergies and immune deficiencies. If these are screened for and corrected then successful pregnancy is more likely. Uncorrected imbalances subtly, but critically, interact with a kind of negative synergy on quality of a woman’s eggs and men’s sperm, thereby affecting the ability to conceive and maintain the health of an embryo.

Miscarriages and apparent infertility are frequently concomitant with sub clinical hypothyroidism.  In other words, women may not necessarily show the most obvious symptoms of this condition or they have been tested by standard laboratory tests which fail to identify people who are at the low end of normal. This is often picked up by TCM and more thorough thyroid hormone tests.  Often, there is simply a need to clear the system by enhancing the flow of Qi so increasing blood supply to the ovaries, and restoring a good level of general health in order to make pregnancy possible.
It is also helpful to treat the man as well as the women to ensure that optimum conception health exists for both of them.  Sperm counts are usually relatively easy to improve.  

Where can we get this service?

By making an appointment with us. This will involve a blood test and an appointment with both complementary therapist Zhang and Dr Eccles bringing together the best of TCM and Functional medicine.

How long will an appointment take?

The first appointment will take 45 minutes with Dr Eccles and one hour with Chinese medicine specialist Dapeng Zhang. You will usually require one appointment with Dr Eccles to assess your nutritional and hormonal status and a series of acupuncture appointments with Mr Dapeng.

Will both my partner and I need to be seen?

This is generally advisable at least for the first appointment. Often some supplementation of a partner who seems to be fertile can enhance egg or sperm quality further.

How often will I need to be seen?

See above. Dr Eccles will normally ask for a review appointment after 3 months with a further blood test to re-evaluate any hormone/nutritional imbalances. Mr Zhang will see you and/or your partner for a series of acupuncture appointments.

What is the cost?

Please see our fees page for full list of fees and services.

How to request the service?

Contact: The Natural Doctor at
Or telephone: +44 (0) 207 224 4622

Want to know more?

You can read our fertility testimonials and also our related articles on the Natural Doctor Blog.

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