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The advantages of being prepared for the menopause

The Advantages Of Being Prepared For The Menopause

Christine didn’t wait for the symptoms of the menopause to appear before she started tackling them. Having worked in the cosmeceutical industry, she was all too well aware of the potential impact they would have, and so she elected to begin her bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with us early.

Christine already knew Dr Eccles and so The Natural Doctor was an obvious first stop when she began to think about the options available to her when it came to tackling the menopause head-on.

Even so, she did get a glimpse into what a different future without treatment might look like while she and Dr Eccles went through the process of identifying the correct compound that suited her individual needs.

“There was a period where I felt quite rubbish because we were working to get the compound right for me,” Christine said.

“I always believed that prevention was better than cure and so I’d taken an early decision to have bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. But during that first period where we were trying to find the right balance, I experienced anxiety, hot flushes and loss of confidence.

“The anxiety – which I hated – was so unlike me because I’d always been very strong and confident, and the hot flushes weren’t nice. It really did open the door on what I could be letting myself in for without treatment.

“But once we got the doses right, it transformed my life.”

Christine says the fact bioidentical HRT isn’t available on the NHS shouldn’t deter people from trying it.

“There’s nothing vain or narcissistic about wanting the best for your health,” she says. “You only have one body so why not look after it? People think nothing of spending money on a holiday, so why not invest in your health?”

When asked what advice she would give to women faced with the dilemma of how to deal with the symptoms of the menopause, she says the most important thing is to ignore the pressure to opt for NHS treatment and consider BHRT.

“If you don’t try it, you won’t know what it can do for you,” she said. “It helps you to keep your youth and sex drive. I feel as fit as I’ve ever felt, but without bioidentical hormone therapy I think it would be a very different story.”

If you’d like to find out more about our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for the menopause, why not get in touch for a confidential chat?

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