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Natural Libido Improvement Treatment

Key hormones stimulate men’s libido, sexual function, body shape, mood and energy levels. It is evident that as we age hormone decline leads to a loss in libido and sexual function in both women and men. Over a third of all men over the age of forty show some symptoms of male hormone deficiency. The symptoms are often non-specific, and can be further complicated by pre-existing medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Bioidentical male hormone replacement is a solution for reducing these symptoms and of restoring a more youthful libido. Topical application of certain key molecules together with lozenges or sprays can achieve satisfying results.

What are the benefits of Libido Improvement Treatment?

  • Libido improvement
  • Increased energy
  • Correcting erectile dysfunction in men
  • Increasing intensity and frequency of orgasmic experience
  • Better mood
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbance management
  • Depression and irritability management

What can I expect?

The initial consultation fee is £345 to establish the course of treatment. After the initial consultation, each patient is sent for handpicked tests according to their symptoms and complaints. These tests are then reviewed with Dr.Eccles with a personalised treatment plan. In addition, the supply of key natural nutritional supplements that reduce ageing and enhance well-being can be provided.

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