Natural Facelift Program


Natural Facelift Program

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The search for the “Fountain of Youth” can lead people down a path of unethical and potentially harmful treatment options. These options only provide temporary results whilst elevating risks for other conditions or symptoms. We believe that there are many natural treatment options that can support anti-ageing both aesthetically and internally. We choose to apply simple science and whole health management plans.

It is uncommon in the field of anti-ageing to see a natural non-invasive program that is so effective in facial rejuvenation but at the same time has no downsides. The program brings together collagen re-building through bespoke prescription only BioJeune™ face creams developed by Harley Street doctor – Dr Nyjon Eccles PhD MD and the face lifting effect of facial acupuncture (plus Derma roller in some programs).

A unique, exclusive cooperation between 2 superb Harley Street Clinics

The Natural Doctor and West 1 clinic are proud to announce exclusive cooperation in order to provide unique non-surgical anti-ageing packages concentrating on natural facelift without any unwanted side effects whilst providing visible, long-lasting results. Two renowned specialists – Dr Nyjon Eccles and Athena Giralea have created 3 special anti-ageing packages.

Dr Nyjon Eccles

Natural Facelift Dr. Nyjon

Dr. Eccles, an anti-ageing expert and a director of BSAAM (British Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine), is well known for regular presentations at the annual London Anti-Ageing Conference dedicated to natural rejuvenating methods. The scientific community agrees that the onset of ageing (both internal and external) can be attributed to decreased hormone production in the body in conjunction with metabolic decline and protein damage. Damage of proteins by oxidative stress and inflammation are also thought to play a role in tissue degeneration with ageing. BioJeune™ creams and supplement together have been developed to address these processes.

Athena Giralea

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Athena is using a unique and research-based approach in her cosmetic acupuncture treatments, to treat both the face and body. Her treatments are very powerful, personalised and cutting edge. She first started her journey with training in Musculoskeletal Western Acupuncture. She found herself using facial and ear acupuncture points a lot, to treat headaches, stress and anxiety. She went on to train extensively in facial acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, ageing and healing. The all in one face and body treatment will improve your skin and body’s general health, in order to achieve more effective and long-term results. Athena’s intuitive nature and positive energy make her treatments completely unique, and will make you look and feel great!

Our Natural Facelift Program Includes:

BioJeune™ Face collagen enhancing creams For Women/Men (Prescription only range developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles)
Standard Anti-ageing Consultation with Dr Eccles
BioJeune™ Blood Panel Testing by Dr Nyjon Eccles
Personalized Bio-identical Anti-ageing Prescriptions by Dr Nyjon Eccles
BioJeune™ Antiaging Supplement (Prescription only supplement developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles that reduce and counteract some of the processes that accelerate ageing e.g. metabolic decline, oxidative stress and inflammation)
Cosmetic Acupuncture Sessions with Athena Giralea
Derma Roller Sessions with Athena Giralea

Biojeune Original For Women
BioJeune™ creams are based on his philosophy of a non-toxic, non-chemical, non-surgical, natural solution to provide a more youthful facial appearance.

Many available creams lead to better looking skin by nothing more than rehydration. Dr Eccles states, “There are natural molecules that the body produces that make no mistake, produce a real and tangible collagen-building anti-ageing effect on the skin. Unlike the leading anti-ageing method which creates the appearance of less wrinkles by relaxing the muscles; paralysing the nerves that supply them”.

Moreover, the leading anti-ageing method is not without side effects. A few of the more common ones are drooping eyelid(s) in 20.8% of cases– with doses of 33 units (usual dose 12-20 units per site, eye effects in 20.8% of cases, swallowing problems in 19% of cases.

BioJeune™ are an exceptional face creams filled with anti-ageing bioactive ingredients designed to initiate natural collagen production, nourish, protect and hydrate the skin and can even be used by younger people to look after their skin where active rejuvenation is not required.

All BioJeune™ creams are compounded by our specialist pharmacist to be of the highest quality and to allow optimal penetration into the skin.

Biojeune Cream

Dr. Nyjon Eccles has created prescription only collagen building face moisturizers for women and men in order to achieve youthful, collagen-building effects in the face. The nourishing facial creams are just one component a of his new natural face rejuvenation program that also includes a nutrient supplementation to nourish and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

Anti-ageing therapy involves a therapeutic plan to restore key metabolic enhancing and protein protecting molecules and naturally occurring hormones to the body. Essentially, this helps the body to function in a more youthful way, responding to the restorative effects of the key nutrients and hormones. Plant-derived bioidentical hormones are effective anti-ageing compounds and application of these hormones in the form of a skin cream has also shown clinical benefit in producing softer, more youthful looking skin.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is a centuries-old holistic therapy that was originally introduced in ancient China and has now become a staple feature of natural medicine around the world.

Using long-established acupuncture points on the face, cosmetic acupuncture is a totally natural treatment that stimulates your body’s natural healing processes to reduce imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. It can also tackle underlying problems that contribute to skin-ageing.

Delivered via a course of treatments, it’s an approach to healing that can have not just significant physical benefits but also a positive psychological impact.

By improving the appearance of wrinkles and lines, lifting and toning sagging muscles and skin, reducing puffiness and bloating of the face and reducing the visibility of scarring and pigmentation issues through burns, surgery or acne, cosmetic acupuncture can contribute to improved body confidence and self-esteem.

Improved blood flow, stimulated by expert use of acupuncture needles will freshen the complexion and clients may also see improved elasticity which contributes to better pore health, better muscle definition, a rebalancing of hormones – particularly where stress, acne or the menopause are factors – and improved sleep patterns.

Medical Micro-Needling

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Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, Medical Micro-Needling is a breakthrough treatment that targets wrinkles, scar tissue, pigmentation, open pores and other blemishes by stimulating the skin to repair and produce natural collagen and proteins that thicken and soften the skin and improve elasticity.

OUR PACKAGES (3 month treatment)


Bronze package (for first signs of ageing)

  • 1x 50ml Day/Night BioJeune ™ Face collagen enhancers For Women/Men (Prescription only range developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles)
  • 3x (1 hour) Cosmetic Acupuncture Sessions with Athena Giralea

Total price for 3 months – £550.00

Silver package (for more advanced signs of ageing)

  • 1x 50ml Day/Night BioJeune ™ Face Moisturizers For Women/Men (Prescription only range developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles)
  • 3x BioJeune ™ Antiaging Supplement (Prescription only supplement developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles)
  • 6x (1 hour) Cosmetic Acupuncture Sessions with Athena Giralea

Total Price For 3 months – £1050

Gold Package (Comprehensive anti-ageing package)

  • 1x 50ml Day BioJeune ™ Face Moisturizers For Women/Men (Prescription only range developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles)
  • 1x 50ml Night BioJeune ™ Face Moisturizers For Women/Men (Prescription only range developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles)
  • 3x BioJeune ™ Anti-ageing Supplement (Prescription only supplement developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles)
  • 1x (up to 45 minutes) Standard Antiaeging Consultation with Dr Eccles
  • 1x BioJeune ™ Blood Panel Testing by Dr Nyjon Eccles
  • 1x Personalized Bioidentical Anti-ageing Prescription (3 months supply) by Dr Nyjon Eccles (at extra cost)
  • 6x (1 hour) Cosmetic Acupuncture Sessions with Athena Giralea
  • 3x (30 minute) Derma Roller Sessions with Athena Giralea

Total Price for 3 months – £1950

To book your Natural Facelift program, please call us on 0207 224 4622 or send us an email on


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