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Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Vitamin D Deficient

Have you noticed how sensitive the Towie (The Only Way Is Essex) cast are to jokes about their fake tans. They should lighten up…. Meanwhile us deliberately pale and genetically pale types need to get serious about vitamin D deficiency. Health experts claim it’s an epidemic waiting to happen.

I met one of the world’s leading anti-ageing doctors, Dr Nyjon Eccles, late last year before a trip to Verdura, above, where he oversees the excellent Vita Health programme. He estimated that about 70% of us are Vitamin D deficient – including many who have tans (using sun creams blocks the beneficial effects of sunlight).

Why does it matter? Because vitamin D (which is a hormone rather than a vitamin, by the way) protects the body against the degenerating effects of inflammation, which can contribute to all sorts of conditions including cancer and heart disease. Our lack of vitamin D has led to a new word inflamm-ageing – as soon as the medical world coins a trendy term, you know you have to take it seriously. Dr Eccles takes 5,000 i u (international units) of vitamin D daily. Tests showed I was deficient and I now dose up every day too. Dr Eccles thinks everyone should be tested. I’m glad I have been.

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