Bio ‘O’™ Supplement For Men


120 Capsules


Our natural libido booster, created for men who experience a low sex drive or low libido. All natural ingredient capsules. Available for men, aged 18+. Non-prescription.

Vegan Vegetarian


What it is

Rather than taking conventional prescriptive medicines for arousal and sexual enhancement, many people are opting for a more natural solution. This non-prescription formula developed by Dr Eccles is designed to help you maintain your sexual stamina and increase your libido. Experience passion like you’ve never felt before with the Bio O Supplement, our natural libido booster, formulated for women who experience a low sex drive; or, low libido. This natural aphrodisiac will help you achieve an improved libido and support your reach to next-level satisfaction.

Who it is for

These all-natural ingredient capsules are available for women, aged 18+.


● Libido improvement
● Natural ingredients
● Higher sex drive
● Improved sexual satisfaction
● Developed by Dr. Eccles
● Vegetarian capsules

How to use

Take 3 capsules daily in the morning with water (You can take your capsules with or without food, if your stomach is sensitive we recommend taking your supplements with food)


● Fenugreek seed powder 150mg
● Grape seed extract 50mg
● L-Citrulline 200mg
● Panax Red Korean Ginseng 100mg


“ I tried Bio O supplement for just 2 weeks while I was away on holiday with my girlfriend. I am assuming that it’s not coincidence but I can honestly say that that I had the best sex of my life on it”. RT, 55 Y.O