Bio ‘O’™ Supplement For Women


120 Capsules


Our natural libido booster, created for women who experience a low sex drive or low libido. All natural ingredient capsules. Available for women, aged 18+. Non-prescription.

Vegan Vegetarian


What it is

Rather than taking conventional prescriptive medicines for arousal and sexual enhancement, many people are opting for a more natural solution. This non-prescription formula developed by Dr Eccles is designed to help you maintain your sexual stamina and increase your libido. Experience passion like you’ve never felt before with the Bio O Supplement, our natural libido booster, formulated for women who experience a low sex drive; or, low libido. This natural aphrodisiac will help you achieve an improved libido and support your reach to next-level satisfaction.

Who it is for

These all-natural ingredient capsules are available for women, aged 18+.


● Libido improvement
● Natural ingredients
● Higher sex drive
● Improved sexual satisfaction
● Developed by Dr. Eccles
● Vegetarian capsules

How to use

Take 3 capsules daily in the morning with water (You can take your capsules with or without food, if your stomach is sensitive we recommend taking your supplements with food)


● Fenugreek seed powder 150mg
● Grape seed extract 50mg
● L-Citrulline 200mg
● Panax Red Korean Ginseng 100mg


“I took the Bio O supplement for about 3 months and I had to stop it because it was making me feel, to be blunt, just too randy. Bear in mind that I am 75 years old. If I have a problem in the future, I will have no hesitation to try it again”. DP, 75 Y.O “After years of celibacy, a chance meeting with my first love brought sex and passion back into my life. ...
It was wonderful, we were in bed together as often as we could. The menopause changed it all. I had absolutely no desire to be intimate or have sex with him any more, or ever again I secretly hoped ! Then by chance I was given the Bio O supplement, " try these I was told", " see how you get on with them". Let me tell you .... First I had more zest and energy, and then desire soon followed . I am absolutely delighted to be a horny woman, who is having the time of her life with renewed energy and expression. Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you, " I got on with them really well !Can I have some more ?” BP, 54 Y.O