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BioJeune™ Basic For Women




✓ hydrating and nourishing


Our natural and extraordinary base for all our face creams. Natural moisturizer containing active ingredients and vitamins to nourish and protect the skin. This unique blend of BioActive ingredients will give you rejuvenation without antiaging bioidentical hormones. Available for women in their 20s or any other patients who can’t use hormone containing creams. Available without prescription.

Vegan Vegetarian


What it is

Uniting a cocktail of essential vitamins for healthy-looking skin, including the anti-inflammatory Vitamin E and the clarifying Niacinamide, BioJeune Basic is the perfect starter moisturiser, developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles for anyone wanting to elevate their skincare. It combines a mix of good-to-skin ingredients that help balance oil levels, hydrate and protect. Use it daily to keep skin in tip-top condition and watch the results.

Who it is for

● All age groups can use BioJeune Basic for women +18 years old
● Suitable for all skin types, it helps to maintain healthy-looking skin and is an essential step in your daily skincare routine


● Its ingredients help to: Prevent irritation, prevent inflammation, improve collagen synthesis, prevent UV damage, attract water in the upper layer of the skin (effectively moisturize and soften the skin), calm the skin and improve skin structure
● Non-prescription, natural moisturizer, hormone-free
● Non-greasy cream that contains no dye or fragrance
● Developed by Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS MRCP PhD

How to use

● Apply 1 or 2 pumps daily in the morning, as a leave-on application on the face
● This product can be used in addition to any other moisturizer or skin treatment given by your doctor


There are six types of active ingredients in this product:
● Hyaluronic Acid
● Ester C
● Grape Seed Extract
● Vitamin E
● Niacinamide
● Panthenol


“Just wanted to let you know what my thoughts are on the BioJeune Basic…in a nutshell…my face feels like it’s been “fed” on an optimally nutritious meal and now feels both refreshed and replenished by the BioJeune.” DA, 60 Y.O ...
“I never tend to get on well with moisturisers – everything I’ve used before now seems to cause me to breakout, so very often I wouldn’t bother at all (leaving me with dryness!) It’s always seemed like a bit of a vicious circle. I tried Biojeune because I’d started to notice some fine lines and was desperate to find something that agreed with me. I’m keen to use only natural products, so the active ingredients really appealed. After only a few days of using the cream, it was clear that it wasn’t causing my usual problem and I was so happy to find something that finally balanced out my skin. After just a couple of months I’ve already noticed a more even skin tone and my skin definitely appears brighter and less dull without make up. I’ve already recommended BioJeune to several of my friends and even had a stranger recently compliment my ‘dewy skin’!” RD 30