Vitamin D3 Plus with K2


60 Capsules

Our bestselling Vitamin D3, K2 product with antioxidants. Specifically targets the primary imbalances that can lead to disease and premature ageing in a convenient 1 a day capsule. Suitable for vegetarians, dairy, gluten and soya-free.

Vegan Vegetarian


What it is

D3 Complex contains a healthy 4,000 international units of Vitamin D3. It has been found consistently to raise blood levels into the optimal (not just normal range) I. e. Above 100 nmol/l. The normal being 50-200 nmol/l. ...

Specifically formulated by Harley Street physician, Dr Nyjon Eccles, to correct some common nutrient deficiencies. D3 Plus provides optimum levels of vitamins D3 and K2 - taken together and in the correct ratio activate specific proteins in the body and transport calcium to where it is most needed for building strong bones and also to support healthy arteries - plus Astaxanthin, Coenzyme Q10 and Iodine. These 5 key nutrients are vital to human health and longevity.

What Dr Eccles says

“Having developed the D3 PLUS formula and used it in my Harley Street practice, I have observed that low/deficient vitamin D levels are consistently corrected to optimal levels, as well as other significant health benefits.”

Who it is for

D3 Plus’ 5 key nutrients are a perfect synergy in support of women’s health but also for men to support more subtle ageing changes. D3 Plus can also be taken by young people to support general health, weight loss, vein health, ovary, breast, bone and uterus health.


With 5 of the most critical super-nutrients in ONE convenient, ONE-A-DAY capsule a completely natural product, free from artificial colours, additives, flavours and preservatives. D3 Plus represents a significant advancement in nutritional ...
support with 5 critical nutrients that specifically target the primary imbalances that can lead to disease and premature ageing in one convenient ONE-A-DAY capsule. D3 Plus combines perfectly by providing non-hormonal nutritional support for the following issues:

● Bone mineral density loss
● Cardiovascular health decline
● Breast health decline and increased breast cancer risk
● Brain health/cognitive decline and Alzheimers’ risk
● Uterus and Ovary health risk
● Perimenopause and Menopause
● Heart health
● Vein health
● Metabolism and weight control
● Immune function
● Energy levels

How to use

Take one capsule daily in the morning with water (You can take your capsules with or without food, if your stomach is sensitive we recommend taking your supplements with food) ...
“D3 must always be taken with Vitamin K2 (preferentially in the MK7 form).” See why here. K2 is blended into the formula in expert-recommended amounts. K2 itself has some healthful properties; not least, that it helps to decalcify blood vessels.


● Astaxanthin
● Kelp Extract
● Co-Enzyme Q10
● Silicon Dioxide
● Magnesium Stearate
● Vitamin K2
● Vitamin D3

More than Vitamin D

See this article that explains the critical importance of Vitamin D to human health.

● D3 Complex contains 100mg of coenzyme Q10; a nutrient that declines in our cells with ageing but that plays a critical role in supporting energy production in our cells....

● D3 Complex contains iodine; a critical mineral that supports breast and prostate health and that is now deficient in 50% of Europeans.

● D3 Complex contains astaxanthin; a powerful antioxidant that has proven benefits in skin health and reducing wrinkles.

● D3 Complex contains magnesium; another commonly deficient nutrient in western diets. Magnesium supports health of adrenals, better sleep and relaxation and is also supportive of many enzyme functions in the body.

For all of the above reasons, Dr Eccles recommends D3 complex to his clients not only to provide optimal protective blood levels of vitamin D but also as a supplement to support better ageing!