Natural Anti Aging Treatment


Natural Anti Ageing treatment

The search for the “Fountain of Youth” can lead patients down a path of unethical and potentially harmful options. These options only provide temporary results while elevating risks for other conditions or symptoms. We believe that there are many natural anti ageing treatment options that can support anti ageing both aesthetically and internally. We choose to apply simple science and whole health management plans.

Anti Ageing Specialist

Dr Eccles, an anti ageing expert and a director of BSAAM (British Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine), regularly presents at the annual London Anti Ageing Conference dedicated to natural rejuvenating methods. The scientific community agrees that the onset of ageing (both internal and external) can be attributed to decreased hormone production in the body in conjunction with metabolic decline and protein damage.

What is Natural Hormone Replacement

Advanced nutritional and hormone replacement involves a therapeutic plan to restore key metabolic enhancing and protein protecting phytochemicals and naturally occurring hormones to the body. Essentially, this helps the body to function in a more youthful way, responding to the restorative effects of the key nutrients and hormones. Plant-derived bioidentical hormones are effective anti ageing compounds application of these hormones in the form of a skin cream has also shown clinical benefit producing softer, more youthful looking skin.

What are the Benefits of Natural Hormone Replacement?

  • Improved muscle tone
  • Increased energy
  • Younger looking skin
  • Increased libido
  • Better mood
  • Silent benefits – reducing degenerative brain and bone disease
  • Minimal side effects (Compared to HRT)

Do you have Personalised and Custom Treatment plans?

Dr Eccles approaches each patient individually determining the appropriate nutritional and hormone replacement as well as topical treatments. The results will not only restore a more youthful appearance but will also revitalise your health and internal functioning.

How long will my appointment take?

Your consultation will take approximately 60 minutes at first consultation with Dr Eccles and 30 minutes at follow-up appointments.

At what age should I start to worry about Anti Ageing?

At The Natural Doctor, our mantra is prevention rather than cure. Dr Eccles is a big believer of preventing early signs of ageing and maximising your optimal health. No matter what age, if you are concerned about signs of ageing, we can help you with a customised treatment plan.

What is the cost?

Please see our fees page for full list of fees and services.

Request an Anti Ageing Consultation?

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Want to know more about Dr Eccles and Anti Ageing?

You can read Dr Eccles’ articles on Anti Ageing on the blog and also read our client testimonials about our Anti Ageing treatments.

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