Unfortunately, breast health remains one of the single biggest health challenges, particularly for women. One in 7 women born after 1960 are expected to be at risk of developing breast cancer at some time during their lifetime. This compares with 1 in 870-lifetime risk for men. Consequently, we recommend regular breast health scanning checks using Breast Thermography which is pain-free radiation-free and safe.”

What Is Breast Thermography?

As we grow older, there is a decline in our body’s ability to produce its natural hormones particularly, oestrogen, progesterone, androgens, DHEA and melatonin. As the production of hormones decreases, our body’s ability to repair and regulate itself does also.

As our hormone levels diminish with age, there is a concomitant acceleration in the ageing process and the onset of age-related degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and cancers. The amount of sex hormones naturally produced by women’s body dwindles, causing a wide range of menopausal miseries in many, including hot flushes, depression, vaginal dryness and anxiety. Menopause is also associated with weight gain, changing body shape, lack of energy and fatigue. This menopausal decline in hormone production is believed to be one of the causes of premature ageing.

The challenge is to obtain the symptom relief and anti-ageing benefits of estrogen and progesterone without increasing the risk of cancer, blood clots and other side effects that have been associated with HRT.

Plant-derived bioidentical hormones provide safer and effective hormone replacement therapy as well as effectively alleviating menopausal symptoms.

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What happens during Breast Thermography with Thermocheck® at the Natural Doctor®

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What are the benefits of Breast Thermography with Thermocheck?®

  • 100% safe, radiation-free, non-contact and painless.
  • Very early detection of changes to breast health. Thermography should not replace mammography as a cancer diagnostic tool and may be a particularly relevant adjunct for women with dense breasts for which mammography and self-examination may present difficulties.
  • It is unique in its capacity to visually record physiological changes and metabolic processes.
  • Studies show 90% sensitivity (when properly conducted). This means that where there is an increased risk, breast thermography can correctly identify this in 90% of cases.
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  • Cancers are associated with increased temperature and abnormal blood vessel patterns.
  • Breast Health Thermography can be repeated as often as required given there is no exposure to harmful radiation. It is therefore particularly suited to regular and frequent breast health checks, including post-surgery, during treatment or in cases where a patient does not consent to surgery. Please note that thermography is not a substitute for cancer scanning or diagnosis by mammography or biopsy.
  • It is useful for young women for whom mammography is inappropriate due to 1) greater density of breast tissue and 2) greater sensitivity of their breast tissue to adverse effects of ionising radiation.

Thermography is approved to be used adjunctively with Mammography.

We do not promote Thermocheck® thermography as a replacement of mammography for the following reasons:

1. They are fundamentally different in what they uncover

  • Mammography can detect an established physical mass in the breast (about the size of a small grape).
  • Thermography detects metabolic and vascular thermal changes that occur sooner than a mass is established.
  • A normal mammogram does not mean you have healthy breasts only that there is an absence of a structural lesion.
  • A normal thermogram indicates that you have physiologically healthy breasts.

2. A mammogram may still be a necessary investigation where there are both physical and thermal changes in the breast.

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Breast thermography with Thermocheck® takes place at our Harley Street Clinic in Central London in our private breast scanning room.

In order to achieve the highest accuracy, it is compulsory to follow our standardised protocols. These are always emailed after booking your appointment.

Your Thermocheck® appointment will take approximately 30 minutes with one of our female scan technicians. If you are concerned about your breast health and prefer to discuss your Thermocheck® results on the same day straight after your scan with a breast health specialist, we offer an option of booking a scan and consultation with Dr Eccles, the founder of Thermocheck® on the same day.

At The Natural Doctor®, given the incidence of breast cancer nowadays in younger women, we recommend a thermography screen for women of all ages from 20 onwards; especially so if there is a family history of breast cancer.

We recommend a regular annual Breast Thermogram much like a regular dental check-up. Patients with abnormal scans or with breast cancer history will be recommended more regular check-ups.

Does science support BHRT?

Click here to see a list of key scientific references.

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