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Breast Health back into Safety Zone after Thermographic Breast Scan & Treatment

Breast Health

“On reaching 50 I was called pretty quickly for my first mammogram. Having talked with one or two close friends about it, and read some of the reports which had been in the newspapers researching its efficacy and reliability, I felt questioning about the whole process and very unclear as to whether it was the right way forward for me. Equally I was concerned about my breast health and wanted to be proactive about it.

“I have a good friend who had been to the Natural Doctor for Thermograms and felt it was a helpful way to proceed so I made an appointment in August 2013. I had my first breast scan and a consultation with Dr Eccles. My breast ‘score’ was a 4 (out of a possible 5, which meant higher risk)- not great and I was keen to discover if there were things I could do to improve this. I subsequently took Dr Eccles’ Breast Health panel that looks at levels of key nutrients that impact breast health and my levels were low. I immediately started taking the recommended supplements and booked a scan for April 2014. As I had been directed I also made some adjustments to my diet, increasing my consumption of cruciferous vegetables and further reducing my fat intake (which was not particularly high).*

“My score had improved to a 2 (now normal low risk) – significantly better over a relatively short space of time. A further scan a year later in March 2015 remained normal low risk.”  Mrs SC, Aged 50.*

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*Results may vary from person to person

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