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Testimonial from Jules: Breast Health Screening Service by Dr Nyjon Eccles

My name is Jules and I had my first thermal imaging breast scan about 4-5-6 years ago, I can’t even remember now I have been doing it for some years.

I heard about it through a magazine called “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” (my favourite magazine) and there was an article on Dr Eccles from The Chiron Clinic and Thermal Imaging for Breast Scans and it seemed the answer to all my prayers because I had had benign breast lumps when I was in my late twenties, early thirties. I was told at some stage that I was therefore at risk of breast cancer. Not because it was in my family because it wasn’t but because I had these benign lumps, I was put on the pill when I was very young in the days when the oestrogens doses where really quite high and I was on the pill for about 20 years. And I had been a heavy smoker once upon a time.

So those things combined let doctors believe I was potentially at risk. So it seemed like a good idea to monitor the whole situation but having had the benign odd breast lumps I had the mammograms and thought I don’t want to go back there- thank you very much.

No woman likes to have her breasts squeezed in such a painful way as they do with a mammogram. Also it gave me that deeply intuitive feeling that there was something really.

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