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How Robert got his hair back

How Robert Got His Hair Back

Robert was just 32 when he noticed his hair had begun to thin around the hairline and the top of his head.

Although he considered himself young to be experiencing receding hair, it wasn’t a total surprise either, since some of his friends had begun to experience the same problem.

But while they had elected to have transplant surgery – which turned out not to be successful – that was a path he was reluctant to go down, and instead he began to look for a more natural, less invasive solution.

It wasn’t long afterward that another friend noticed the problem and recommended The Natural Doctor’s BioGroHair® treatment.

Robert wasn’t looking for a remedy that promised the world. In fact, he says now that he would have been happy to have found a treatment that simply stopped his hair loss from becoming worse.

What BioGroHair® gave him instead was a reversal – his hair started to regrow.

“I began to see clear results of the BioGroHair® treatment within a month of starting it,” he says, “and that really motivated me to keep going.”

Such has been the effect of his treatment that he has also persuaded others facing similar hair loss problems to begin using it.

Robert said: “I started off with the intensive programme – a daily routine of two pills and massaging the gel compound into my scalp both morning and evening. I followed the instructions by the letter and that routine lasted three months, but which time there had been very clear, visible benefits.”

After three months, Robert transferred to the maintenance programme which he continues today and which involves taking medication and using the gel every other day, and the treatment has had more than the desired effect.

“I’ve had the results I wanted without need for surgery and the pain that brings, with no side effects and with no issues. Yes, it requires a commitment of time to follow the instructions, but once it’s part of your daily routine, it just becomes a part of normal life.”

He says his only regret is that there isn’t more awareness of the treatment.

“When you think of the people who are going to quite radical lengths and taking risks with their health to try to deal with the problem of hair loss, it’s really sad that the majority of people don’t know this is an option for them,” says Robert. “I have no hesitation at all in recommending BioGroHair® – it’s worked wonders for me.”

If you’d like to find out about our BioGroHair® treatment or book a consultation with Dr Eccles to discuss the treatment and its benefits, please get in touch for an confidential conversation.

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