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Testimonial from Angela

Testimonial From Angela

Angela originally came to see Dr Eccles for ThermoCheck® breast thermography in 2016 after becoming concerned about her breast health. Her thermography scan revealed some abnormal tissue heat in her left breast caused by a small lesion.

Angela, who also regularly receives homeopathy treatment, says: “I was really impressed with how simple and non-invasive the process was. Dr Eccles was extremely professional and the treatment I then received reduced the size of the lesion to the point where it was no longer a concern.

“I’ve been going back for regular thermography checks with The Natural Doctor ever since, and I couldn’t be happier with the care I’ve received.”

Angela says she would recommend breast thermography to anyone, saying: “I think it’s something that every woman should try, possibly as a precursor to as mammogram, because it can identify potential issues that can be raised and then checked at your next mammography appointment.

“The thermogram scan doesn’t take long, it’s very discreet and there’s none of the manipulation that you experience with a mammogram. I’d recommend The Natural Doctor to anyone who wants to get a more detailed understanding of their general breast health.”

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