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“If it had not been for the Thermogram breast scan… my story might have been different”

Thermogram Breast Scan
As part of #YourBreastChoice campaign, we wanted to share some our breast Thermography client testimonials. The ladies that have allowed their stories to be told want to help spread #YourBreastChoice awareness. They are all very brave and each have their own story to tell. We’d love to hear your comments below to help support these women and their breast health experience.

“In 2014 I attended Dr Eccles’ clinic for a Thermogram. I had a long history of what I was told was a benign polyp change in the duct of my right breast. It had caused discharge of blood on occasions but on the basis of mammograms and checks at the breast clinic I had been reassured that all was just benign change.*

I had heard of Thermography and was concerned enough about my breast so decided to see if that gave a different perspective on things. The Thermogram showed that I had a high degree of thermal change in my right breast (a TH5, the highest risk rating). I then went back to the breast clinic armed with this new information and sad to say further tests confirmed that I did indeed have breast cancer in the right breast.*

I decided to proceed to mastectomy but if I had not had the Thermogram, how my story might have been different. It was the first warning sign that I was in trouble.” Mrs DB, Aged 52.*

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*Results may vary from person to person

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