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“I have no Hesitation in Recommending Thermography”


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Mrs DK is in her early 50’s. She was familiar with Dr Eccles and his work and from her late 40’s chose to monitor her breast health using Thermography.

1. How did you come to hear about Thermographic breast scans?

I was introduced to the concept of Breast Thermal Imaging several years ago by a close friend who had survived breast cancer in her mid-twenties using an ongoing holistic approach to assist in her recovery.

2. What was your experience with Dr.Eccles?

Dr Eccles conducted a routine breast scan and despite believing myself to be fit and healthy in my forties, discovered that I had the highest thermal rating, TH5, indicating significant breast tissue abnormalities. On Dr Eccles recommendation I completed his Breast Health Panel and learnt that my Vitamin D and Omega levels were insufficient and my metabolic levels highly toxic.

3. How did the treatment help your situation?

My scan is now a TH3 as a result of addressing these nutritional deficiencies and commencing a natural bioidentical hormone programme.

4. Can you recommend Dr.Eccles for breast scanning to your friends and family?

As a result I have no hesitation in recommending Thermography to women actively seeking to monitor their breast health.

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*Results may vary from person to person

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