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The Thermographic Breast Scan Saved My Life

Breast Scan

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After having issues with her breast, Denise spoke to her friend who recommended she should contact Dr Eccles. Around April 2013 and then in June she noticed more changes in my right breast. She was very worried at this stage, as she was experiencing a discharge from my nipple and her experience with the NHS had left her feeling vulnerable.

1. How did you come to hear about Thermographic breast scans?

Through my friend who is a Dentist.

2. What was your experience with Dr.Eccles?*

My consultation was with Dr Eccles in August which involved the Breast Thermal Imaging and Breast Health Panel test that confirmed I needed further investigation into what was really happening. My result was T5 which meant that I was at high risk of Breast Cancer and Dr Eccles advised to return the hospital immediately.  This time they treated me for my Cancer something they had left undetected and up to then had not considered me at risk.*

3. How do you feel about mammograms vs Thermographic breast scans?*

I think mammograms are not useful at all because they didn’t pick up my cancer. In my opinion the Thermographic scan was and is the reason I am still alive.*

4. How did the treatment help your situation?*

It saved my life. To this day I find it very hard to speak, about how this simple yet effective procedure, without getting emotional.*

5. Can you recommend Dr.Eccles for breast scanning to your friends and family?

I would definitely recommend this treatment to everyone.

6. What’s one point of advice you could give to people who haven’t yet had a breast scan?*

Don’t wait any longer, it took me three months to decide and that was too long.  I should have gone sooner.*

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*Results may vary from person to person

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