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You are never too young to start monitoring your breast health, By Dr. Eccles

monitoring your breast health

Phoebe found a large lump in her left breast at the age of 21. With no breast cancer history in the family, it was quite a shock when the doctor advised to have it removed. Ten years later, Phoebe wanted to ensure she was doing everything possible to monitor her breast health and living the healthiest life possible.

1. How did you come to hear about Thermographic breast scans?

I heard about Dr Eccles & thermographic scans through a consultation with a nutritionist earlier this year.

2. What was your experience with Dr.Eccles?

My experience with Dr Eccles has been professional, caring and very informative. The education on healthy living and monitoring your health from a young age has been invaluable.

3. How do you feel about mammograms vs Thermographic breast scans?

At 31 years of age, my breasts are too dense to have a mammogram. I have never been fond of anything that has radiation as part of a treatment or checkup. Thermographic breast scans are going to be my choice of monitoring my breast health.

4. How did the treatment help your situation?*

At the age of 21, I found a lump in my left breast that was 2 cm in diameter. After an ultrasound and biopsy the decision was made to have it removed. This was a very scary thing to have experienced at such a young age especially as there was no reason to closely monitor my breasts. I’ve religiously had my breasts checked by a doctor every year since to monitor my breasts. I never knew that there was a more intelligent way to check my breasts other than a physical check. Having the thermographic breast scan has opened my eyes to a whole new cellular level that I can be monitoring.*

5. Can you recommend Dr.Eccles for breast scanning to your friends and family?

I have literally told every woman in my life about Dr Eccles and the services he offers. Especially my mum and aunties.

6. What’s one point of advice you could give to people who haven’t yet had a breast scan?*

If you think you’re too young to start monitoring your breast health, think again. I was 21 when I found the lump and was lucky that it was benign. Now with thermographic breast scans, Dr Eccles can monitor any change in my breasts that could highlight pre-cancerous activity. Put your breast health first and invest in your life. You only get one.*

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*Results may vary from person to person

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