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BHRT – What You Need To Know (Part 1)

BHRT – What You Need To Know (Part 2)

Breaking News – Vitamin D in COVID-19

Webinar with Dr Eccles – Discussing Menopause

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Talk By Dr Nyjon Eccles, Changing The Game In Breast Cancer Risk

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Breast Thermography – Rita’s Experience

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Navigating Menopause Without Drugs & A Natural Approach To Breast Cancer Prevention

In this episode Dr Eccles speaks to us about the importance of a proactive approach to breast cancer prevention, by learning what our bodies need in order to keep our breasts healthy. He talks us through his innovative ThermoCheck breast thermography screening, that can detect breast cancer cells 6-10 years before a mammogram would be able to, without any of the myriad risks associated with mammography.

The New Food Podcast - Covid-19 and the food & beverage market

Listen as Robert Verkerk, Founder of the Alliance for Natural Health International, Dr Nyjon Eccles one of the UK’s most established and experienced integrative medicine practitioners, and Professor Chris Elliott of Queen’s University Belfast, discuss the current and future impacts of COVID-19 on the food and beverage industry and offer advice on how to stay safe.

Bye Bye Mammograms? Rethinking Breast Cancer Screening

For decades, women have been advised to "get your mammogram" as an early detection approach. According to Dr. Nyjon Eccles, women have been misled. Based on research, Dr. Eccles states that mammography screening doesn't lead to survival advantage. He cites research results that show for every 2,000 women who are screened over 10 years, one life will be saved, 10 women will receive unnecessary treatment, and 200 women will receive false positive results.

Interview with Dr Eccles about Breast Thermography


Dr Eccles Talks about his inventions in hair loss