Orgasmic Dysfunction

Bio ‘O’™ are a line of products that Dr Eccles has developed from his anti-ageing clinical work over the last 12 years. “It is evident that as we age hormone decline leads to a loss in libido and sexual function in both women and men. Topical application of certain key molecules together with lozenges or sprays have been shown to achieve satisfying results”, he states.

Despite the high number of women experiencing problems related to vaginal dryness, orgasmic dysfunction or lack of sexual appetite, it is still a silent problem that many feel embarrassed to talk to their partners, friends or even doctors about. Few well-known solutions exist.

Orgasmic dysfunction can be one of the most common complaints amongst women. According to one study, 87% of married women claim that they have decreased desire, 83% find it very difficult to climax, 74% lubricate poorly, and 71% have discomfort when making love.

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  • Improving sex drive and sexual function
  • Increasing intensity and frequency of orgasmic experience in women
  • Finest natural ingredients
  • Improving libido in women
  • Correcting vaginal dryness in women – the most common cause of pain on intercourse
  • Vegan

Bio ‘O’™ Products be accessed either by attending our Harley Street clinic for an appointment or by filling in our online questionnaire.

The questionnaire gives the doctor background medical information about you and helps him/her decode which products would give you the best results. If appropriate for you, the doctor will prescribe you one or more of the Bio ‘O’™ product range. A follow-up appointment is not necessary but we would appreciate you filling in a review questionnaire after 3 months for us to get feedback on how effective your treatment has been.

Please note that some of our Bio ‘O’™ products are available via prescription only. If you wish to order any of Bio ‘O’™ prescription products, please click Order and Access Your Free Online Consultation which will direct to an online fill-in form which will automatically get submitted to the doctor. We will then contact you which products have been recommended by the doctor (based on your responses from your questionnaire) with an authorised prescription. We will then send you an invoice and your products will be ordered by our team and delivered to your home address after payment.

Bio ‘o’™ Program
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The Bio ‘O’™ Range

Bio 'O'™ Cream For Women
£56.00 (50ml)
Bio ‘o’ Libido Enhancement For Women (cream)
Fight orgasmic dysfunction or just enhance your sexual satisfaction with Bio ‘O’™ Cream. Only a small amount of this miracle cream will contribute to higher clitoral sensitivity, easier orgasms and deeper sexual pleasure. All natural bioidentical hormone clitoral cream specially designed by Dr.Eccles for all those who struggle with achieving climax. Available for women-only, aged 18+. Prescription-only.
Bio 'O'™ Spray For Women
£70.00 (15ml)
Bio O Spray
Bio ‘O’™ Spray is a miracle worker. It contains the hormone of orgasms, which gets released just before each climax. This is why we have created Bio ‘O’™ Spray, which contains this rare hormone. Achieve multiple orgasms and improve your sexual satisfaction. All-natural bioidentical hormone nasal spray exclusively designed by Dr. Eccles for all those who wish to achieve quicker and easier climaxes. Available for women, aged 18+. Prescription-only.
Bio 'O'™ Estrogel For Women
£45.00 (30ml)
Bio 'o' Estrogel For Women
Vaginal dryness can be a painful condition that impacts on quality of life and relationships. Thanks to applied bioidentical hormones, this product can help with restoring of the vaginal lining and contribute to a healthy, thick and elastic lining. This magical gel can not only help with vaginal dryness but helps with the rejuvenation of the vagina. All natural bioidentical hormone vaginal gel exclusively designed by Dr. Eccles for all those who wish to enjoy sex again. Available for women-only, aged 40+. Prescription-only.
Bio 'O'™ Oxygel For Women
£67.00 (30ml)
Bio O Oxygel
Vaginal dryness can be a painful condition impacting on quality of life and relationships. This alternative is designed for women who can’t take any hormones due to any contraindications. To spice up this gel, Dr.Eccles has added the hormone of orgasm. Thanks to this bioidentical hormone, this vaginal dryness relief cream has the ability to improve sexual satisfaction and pleasure. All natural bioidentical hormone vaginal gel exclusively designed by Dr. Eccles for all those who wish to enjoy sex again. Available for women-only, aged 18+. Prescription-only.
Bio 'O'™ Supplement For Women
£44.00 (120 Capsules)
Bio ‘o’™ Supplement For Women
Our natural libido booster, created for women who experience a low sex drive or low libido. All natural ingredient capsules. Available for women, aged 18+. Non-prescription.
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