Breast Nutricheck

Prevention of cancer is better than cure and we recommend that every woman has a Breast Thermal Image as a means of detecting any changes at an earlier stage than the standard screening, whether or not she has a breast problem.

What is the Breast Nutricheck ?

After much research and experience in looking at natural ways of protecting breast health, Dr Eccles has put together a Breast Health Protection panel which is comprised of 4 vital tests that help women to identify nutritional imbalances. This is a do at home kit that is sent to your address.

What does the Breast Nutricheck include?

The home kit is comprised of the following blood spot and urine tests that can be conveniently sent to your own home:

1. Silent Inflammation Profile (Omega 6 and 3 fatty acid levels)
2. Oestrogen Metabolism Test (urine)
3. Iodine levels (urine)
4. Vitamin D levels.

What are the benefits of using the Breast Nutricheck ?

By having these 4 tests, a woman can empower herself to a position of awareness of any imbalances or deficiencies that may be contributing to increased risk of breast cancer. More importantly, identifying any deficiencies can help to reduce her risk of breast cancer by correcting them. Any imbalances in your test results may have a direct effect on breast cancer risk.

What is the cost?

Please see our fees page for full list of fees and services.

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