Services for Women

Bioidentical Hormones

BHRT supplies your body with adequate levels of key hormones like estrogen, progesterone as well as androgens and DHEA.

Menopause Treatments

We have created 2 treatment options, SOS Menopause Treatment and Comprehensive/Better Ageing Treatment.

Bio 'O'™ Libido Enhancement

Bio ‘O’™ are a line of products that Dr Eccles has developed from his anti-ageing clinical work over the last 12 years.

BioJeune™ Face Rejuvenation

BioJeune™ rejuvenating face creams are an integral part of his natural face rejuvenation program.

Fertility Treatment

Improve your fertility naturally through our multi-faceted holistic methods including natural hormones and nutritional supplements.

Services for Men

Bioidentical Hormones

BHRT helps improve your life’s quality, vitality and your well-being while at the same time contributing to restoring more youthful function.

Recharge Programs

Midlife crisis, Andropause, Manopause, Male Menopause, Loss of Mojo are all well-used terms associated with ageing and hormone decline in men.

BioGroHair® Restoration

Fight hair loss with our breakthrough BioGroHair® remarkable new program without any side effects has shown exceptional results.

Libido Improvement

Improve your libido and sexual functioning with our all natural hormone replacement treatments for men

Cancer Support

Dr. Nyjon eccles runs a regular cancer patient support clinic with renowned expert dr. Michal Kucera.

Autism Support

Autism and pervasive developmental disorder support

Spanish Clinic

Dr. Eccles runs an anti-ageing/bioidentical hormone clinic bimonthly in Malaga, Spain.

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